Miriam Di Fiore

Landscapes and depth in fused glass
“Pure” Miriam’s Landscapes
Date: May 27 to June 2

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Way back in 1997, after 10 years of making Fusing my profession, I developed the technique that I have been using for my work since then. There have been changes, evolutions of the process until it was perfected so much that it can translate a landscape into glass while preserving all its magic and transmitting a sense of space and depth that always amazes the viewer. I ask Glass for unusual, extreme efforts: many subsequent fires are necessary, I take my requests to the limit and the glass always answers me kindly... It seems impossible but... it is not. And my works are in perfect health, no tension, and no stress at all. They are in perfect harmony with the environment.

Acquire the ability to manage technical issues that come up while working on photographic landscape image. Acquire a complete knowledge about glass frits’ behavior. Learn how to produce special colors of stringers and shape delicate glass branches using a soft flame. Learn how to “read” the image, because it needs to be “seen” as “divided” in several sequential plans of optical levels; leanr how to choose it, how to prepare the materials, how to test them, how to write perfect firing schedules for your work, and how to control the final quality of our piece with polarizing films.

Class size: 4 to 7 students

Class plan:
7 days (6 lessons in studio, one day off to visit the territory.)

FEE: 1,200 Euro tax incl. + housing (Italian tax included)


Fee includes:
All materials and class notes.
Sightseeing in the hills on the day off (picnic lunch and expenses included).
Other services included: Transportation to/from Voghera Station.
Two group trips to the supermarket for grocery shopping.


Daily delicious lunches in the terrace, with spring water and local wines. “Welcome breakfast” on first day. Tea & coffee, cookies, fruit and spring water always available in studio.

Possible side activities:

Cooking lessons


Basic glass fusing experience.

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