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Two days Tour: “Cinque Terre & Portofino”

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The Cinque Terre is a group of five fishing villages, clinging to the imposing limestone cliffs looking to the Mediterranean Sea. The millennial work of farmers has carved the mountain in myriad of terraces where the lush olive tree thrives.

Narrow multicolored houses cling to each other in the typical defensive structure of European villages, telling the ancient history of barbarian invasions by sea and by land and the difficult struggle for survival of the inhabitants.

Today these villages and their turquoise sea are a destination for international tourism and they have been protected and safeguarded in 1999 by the institution of the Cinque Terre National Park.

Our tour begins with a train journey from Voghera rail station (one and a half hour) to Santa Margherita Ligure, where we will reach the hotel, then hang around the historical town where we will taste the delicious “tarte” (traditional pies) and the renowned traditional “Focaccia di Recco” (cheese pie).
We will take the boat and go discover the ancient Abbey of San Fruttuoso (X century), an architectural gem, perched in a little lovely blue bay. On the way back, the boat will take us to Portofino, an enchanted Mediterranean village, famous around the world for its beauty. We will walk its narrow streets and enjoy the spectacular view.

Breathing the art, the history and the scent of this place where, in my imagination…. “Spring was born”.

We will go back to the Hotel and enjoy the evening in Santa Margherita.

On the next morning, a short trip by train will take us to Monterosso, the first Village of Cinque Terre. After visiting the village, we will take the boat to explore all the stunning spots in Cinque Terre, enjoying its beauty from the sea and exploring the village’s streets at each stop.

In the afternoon, we will go back to Santa Margherita, then take the train to get back to Voghera in time to have a good happy rest and be ready to open the kilns the day after in the Studio.


Price: € 300

Group minimum size:

The price includes all train and boats, one night in Hotel (***) in double room, company of expert guide. (No meals included)


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