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Our Village: Mornico Losana, Pavia, Italy

The Village where I live and work is called Mornico Losana. It is located in northern Italy, less than one hour driving to the south-east of Milan. It is a graceful typical Italian village; very small…we are around 700 habitants.

Its is an antique place, more that 1000 years old… Soft and harmonic hills, green vineyards surround the Village, excellent wineries produce well-known wines…it is a beautiful pastoral landscape crowned by a gorgeous Castle, which is today used for weddings and events.   

Our area is called “Oltrepò Pavese”, name taken after the River Po and the antique city of Pavia, the main city of the area.

Our valley is called “The Riesling Valley”, because of its excellent sparkling wines, dry and sweet.  They also produce Pinot Noir, Bonarda and the delicious Moscato.

Mornico’s specialty is the “Ciambelle”, delicious shortbread donuts that you will enjoy because they will be always available in the studio during the class!  


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