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Students are required to arrive on the day before the beginning of a course and leave the day after the end of the class. If you need to arrive or depart in any other date and time, please contact us before booking.

You can arrive in the following airports:
Milano Malpensa Airport
Milano Linate Airport (the closest one)

Very important!
If you arrive and depart by airplane, try not to buy tickets with departures before 10:00 AM or that will arrive after 10:00 PM. Remember there is at least a 2 hour drive to get to the Malpensa airport from Mornico Losana with the Taxi service and about 4 hours if you choose public transportation. Don’t forget you have to be at the airport at least 3 hours before the flight departure, when going back home. Our taxi service is active between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM.

From Malpensa/Linate Airport to Mornico Losana with our Ta xi Service

The price to pick you up at Malpensa Airport is € 150 per trip (2 hours drive, maximum 3 person in the same car).
The price to pick you up at Linate Airport is € 120 per trip (1:30 hours drive, maximum 3 person in the same car).
It is also possible to arrive with public transportation (shuttle bus/ train to Milano + Train to Voghera city) for a very convenient price. Here is a list of the options.

From Malpensa Airport to Milano Centrale Rail Station

The “Malpensa Shuttle bus”, www.malpensashuttle.it is parked outside the gates of the airport arrivals section. It is very well signposted inside and outside the airport.
It leaves every 35 minutes and it takes about 50 minutes to reach Milan Central Station (Stazione Centrale di Milano). It is available from 5:20AM to 10:30PM. Price is 10 euro.

Another option is the train “Malpensa Express” to get Milan Central Station (Stazione Centrale di Milano) www.malpensaexpress.it
The train is well signposted at the airport and leaves from the train station INSIDE the airport. The last stop is Stazione Centrale di Milano, and the price is 10 Euro.
For the time schedules, you can check on the web site: www.trenitalia.com by clicking in the window “TUTTI I TRENI”

From Linate Airport to Milano Centrale Rail Station

The “Linate Shuttle” buses are parked in the square opposite the Arrivals section. It is very well signposted. The cost is 3 Euro. It is available between 5:40 AM and 11:15 PM. It reaches the Milan Central Station (Stazione Centrale di Milano), where you can take the train to Voghera. The journey takes about 45 minutes. When planning your trip, if you arrive at Linate Airport, consider that it takes at least two hours and half between Linate and Voghera.

From Milano Centrale Rail Station to Voghera Rail Station

After arriving in Milan Central Station, you have to take the train to Voghera. Trains from Milan to Voghera depart every hour, the trip takes about 45 minutes and costs go from 6 to 10 euro, depending on the train. Voghera is in the railway of trains with final destination Genova or Alessandria. These are the names of the train destinations you will see on the departures board at the train station.

Before taking the train in Milano Centrale, you have to call us and let us know your arrival time, to allow us to pick you up at Voghera train station.

If you use your original mobile phone, you have to dial: 0039 0383 892114
If you call us using an Italian SIM telephone, you have to dial: 0383 892114
If we are not home in that moment, call: (0039) 348 7459674
You can also send a WHATSAPP message to 00393487459674.
Don’t sent normal text messages or e-mails, we might not get them in time.

It is very difficult to find a public telephone in Italy. I suggest you bring your cell phone with you, even just for this call. If you want to use a cell phone while in Mornico Losana, you need a SIM card from a company associated with Vodafone or TIM. Other companies will not work in Mornico. Check with your cell phone company the compatibility.

The transportation from Voghera to Mornico will be free of charge, when you arrive the day before the class and when you leave the day after the class. Except for transportation specifically included in the course program, any other trip from or to Voghera Station or other places in different days of your arriving or leaving day will be provided at your expenses.

Specific information on driving directions will be provided on request.

To rent a car: The best way is to get it directly at the airport. There isn’t any big car rental agency in the Mornico Losana are. Rent the car through Internet before you travel, it is the cheapest option.

Additional instructions will be provided on request.


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