Miriam Di Fiore

Fusing & sightseeing:
Landscapes and depth in fused glass/ high thickness
“Transparent Fall Season & Sunset Landscapes”
Date: September 8 to 17

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Deciding to translate a fall season forest, or Sunset landscapes in glass is really a challenge. Besides the “normal” difficulties of the Landscape & Depth technical process, I have to face a specific series of troubles. Because of the need to use warm colors (red, yellow, orange, pink), which normally cannot resist more than three successive firings, I developed a number of “tricks” that help me accomplish a piece that shows the desired colors and light of the sky, a piece that talks about the beauty of the place that I decided to portrait in Glass. In this class, I will share my experience & knowledge, “Miriam's process” to obtain transparent autumn and sunset landscapes with depth and extraordinary optical effects, in two fantastic high thickness pieces.

Learn how to “read” the image, because it needs to be “seen” as “divided” in several sequential plans of optical levels. Acquire the ability to manage technical issues that come up working on an image with depth. Discover the potential of overlaying colors layer upon layer to catch the magic autumn atmosphere without risking glass’ sufferance. Learn all about getting reds, oranges and yellows when you can’t use red orange and yellow, reactive colors and multi-firing troubles. Learn how to shape delicate glass branches using a soft flame. Get a deeper knowledge about glass behavior and learn how to improve the quality of the transmission of light by increasing the thickness in our pieces. Learn how to manage the best kiln firing schedules to get a piece in “perfect shape and health”. Give the final setting of the piece major value in order to upraise the poetry of the piece. Two projects will be achieved.

Class size: 4 to 7 students

Class plan:
10 days class. (64 hours in 8 studio lessons, + 2 days in between to explore the territory)

FEE: 1,600 Euros + accommodation (Tax included)


Fee includes:
All materials and class notes.
Two traditional dinners in the hills; a "Pizza Night" in my favorite pizzeria; wine tasting with fresh finger food.
Visit to the hills and abbey of Sant'Alberto.
Visit to one of the beautiful Castles in my area (admission included).
Visit of the Casteggio Street Market.
Other services included: transportation to and from Voghera station and during the sightseeing tour. Two group trips to the supermarket to go shopping.
Goodbye dinner.


All delicious Italian daily lunches, with spring water and local wines. "Welcome breakfast" on the first day. Tea and coffee, biscuits, fruit and spring water always available in the studio.

Possible side activities:

Cooking lessons


To best enjoy this class, it is important to have good experience and knowledge in fusing processes (compatibility, annealing, reactivity, devitrification).


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