Miriam Di Fiore

“Cooking lessons”
Cooking with the Italians, real Italian food
Three days enjoying learning authentic popular Italian Recipes

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I have the pleasure to introduce the “Talented chefs” from my village.

During this class, they will cook with us their family recipes, sharing their secrets which have been passed down for generations. Don’t worry… We will take care to translate every single detail of the class!

Classes will be taught at 6:00 PM in the comfortable kitchen of the Pro-loco Association, looking at the sunset in a breath-taking landscape.

We will use only local natural and genuine ingredients, some of them coming directly from my personal vegetable garden and orchard. The class ends with a dinner with the courses prepared with the cooks. Fresh season vegetables from our gardens, ice cream, natural sparkling water, local delicious wines, and home made bread will complete the meal.

Class size: 4 to 7 students
Class price: € 200

The price includes:

22% Italian taxes.
All materials and ingredients needed. All beverages. Simultaneous translation to English. Printed recipes.
During this class there is no possibility to adapt the recipes for special food intolerances. If you have special food needs and you want to apply to the class, let us know and we will provide a meal for you to share dinner after class.


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