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2017 Class schedule: Like an italian Holiday
Fusing, Cooking and Sightseeing

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Dear Friends,

I am happy to announce the Summer 2017 Classes in Mornico Losana’s home and studio, in northern Italy. Since the moment I first moved to the hills, I’ve been exploring and discovering the wonderful traditions and excellent wines of this beautiful region of Italy. The landscape is unique and year after year I am more and more in Love with this corner of the world…Through my classes I will share with you my experience and knowledge, and the beauty I have around me. My pieces are not only made of glass...

There are so many things to do and to experience in Mornico!
I would like you to feel happy here and take home much more than just a technical fusing knowledge. I wish you will treasure the essence of the Authentic Italian Spirit and of my Art.

We will visit my favourite places: Stunning forests, amazing castles, ancient churches and abbeys, most of them older than a thousand years.

Our Valley is called “The Riesling Valley” due to excellent wines produced here: reds, whites, sparkling, dry and sweets. We will discover their making process and Wine Tasting with finger food will be an unforgettable experience.

Following my passion for the Culinary Arts, I have arranged a great collaboration with my friends from the Pro-Local Village Association: we convinced the best “cooks” of Mornico Losana to offer you a True Italian Cuisine Class. 3 cooking lessons where you can learn and taste the Authentic Traditional Food of our Hills.

One of the most famous “pearls” of the Mediterranean Coast is located just 1:30hs from my home. The stunning beauty of Cinque Terre, the amazing bay of Portofino…beloved places where I have been countless times.  I thought that a tour before the end of the longer classes could be a perfect way to spend the time that the kilns take for cooling down.

You will find all the details, programs and explanations in the following pages.

I am so excited to be saying to you again “Welcome to my World”


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