Miriam Di Fiore

Fusing, Cooking & Sightseeing
“Keys to the Kingdom”… beyond landscapes
A complete Italian experience of fusing and sightseeing
with Miriam Di Fiore
Date: July 7 to 19

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This class gives practical and theoretical skills (and tricks!) to translate photographs, paintings, watercolors or drawings, in fused glass. Using frits, glass, powder of glass and glass stringers, we can create any kind of images, highly controlled, unique, natural or abstract, as if we were using the glass as a painter uses his colors and we can add the magic sense of depth that improves the final piece esthetically.

Increasing the ability to “see” and understand the images “thinking like glass”, we can create amazing pieces, representing our personal way to see reality. We will focus this class in reading and interpreting images of flowers, trees, portraits, animals, paintings, to learn every “secret” of this technique that I developed over a period of over 30 years, translating my world in Glass and making you feel how intense the dialogue can be, between glass, color, light and sense of depth.

Not only will you study the foundations of Miriam’s Art, but you will also explore the surroundings, experiencing beauty and culture of a fantastic Italian territory, the source of Miriam's inspiration.

Acquire a complete knowledge about glass frits’ behavior. Discover the potential of overlaying colors layer upon layer. Discover the particularity of the effects concerning the reactions when we mix sulfur with lead and copper colors and manage the correct firing schedules. Improve the knowledge of the translation in fused glass of several different kinds of images and forge a more intimate friendship with Glass. Manage perfect kiln firing schedules to get a piece in “perfect shape and health”.

Class size: 4 to 6 students

Class plan:
13 days. (80 hours on 10 lessons in studio, 3 days to exploring the territory).

FEE: 2,400 Euros + accommodation (Tax included)


Fee includes:
- Transportation to and from Voghera station and during the sightseeing tour.
- Three traditional dinners on the hills; a "Pizza Night" in my favorite pizzeria. Wine tasting with fresh finger food.
- Three Italian cooking lessons with dinner
- Visit of the hills and abbey of Sant'Alberto.
- Visit of one of the castles in my area (admission included).
- Visit of Pavia with special lunch in the countryside.
- Visit of Bobbio (splendid medieval village in the mountains) with swimming in the Trebbia river, and much more!


All delicious Italian daily lunches, with spring water and local wines. "Welcome breakfast" on the first day. Tea and coffee, biscuits, fruit and spring water always available in the studio. Three group trips to the supermarket to go shopping.


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