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Artworks for sale

These artwoks are for sale. For further information for the purchase contact me at: miriamdifiore@gmail.com

“French Sweet Melody”
(Canal du Midi in France)

Mandolin in fused glass (Flame worked glass, multi-firing kiln fused and kiln formed glass Di Fiore’s Technique) slumped glass for the acoustic case, original wooden mandolin handle, pate de verre branch. Hand polished border, hand cold worked soft surface.

Dimensions: H: 25 cm x W 15 Cm x L 60 cm

“Our Lady of Val di Cava“ 2012

Lamp worked and kiln formed glass with 7 successive firing , sandblasted back side, mirror in the bottom, antique votive object.

Dimensions:H 39 cm x W 15 cm x L 25,3 cm.

"The Guest"
(in Italian: “L’Ospite”) 2014

Wall piece with stain still support. Lamp worked and multi-fired fused glass landscape, (6 firings) the landscape glass is shaped in silhouette of a Fox, contained in an old 100 years window frame (original from the studio of the artist)

Dimensions: H 80 cm x W 71 cm x D 14 cm.

"Drawer in Gray” 2014

Lamp worked and multi-fired fused glass landscape, (7 firings) contained in an old sawing machine drawer.

Dimensions: H 36,8 cm x W 12 cm x D 10 cm.

“The Wait”, detail

2014. Lamp worked and fused glass with 12 successive firings, hand polished and sandblasted in back.

Dimensions: 55 cm x 43 cm x 1,8 cm


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