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One-day tour: “Portofino”

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Portofino is a tiny village with stunning beauty, unique in the world that reflects multi-coloured houses in a turquoise bay, on the Mediterranean Sea.

The place is absolutely magical.

Leaving around 8:00AM, we will reach Santa Margherita Ligure with a short trip (about two hours).

We will walk through the historical town and after shopping for the traditional “focaccia” and delicious pies of Liguria, fresh vegetables and fruits, we will take the boat to get to San Fruttuoso, an antique historical Abbey cast in a stunning bay on the cliff. Then we’ll visit to the old building and have a picnic at the beach. Bring your bathing suit!

We will go to Portofino by boat, we will visit the village, walk up to Castle Brown, Saint Giorgio Church, and the ancient Church of Divo Martino and take a stroll to the Lighthouse, from where the landscape is breathtaking.

Then we will go back to Santa Margherita and head back home.


Price: € 100

Group minimum size:

Fee includes: all transport expenses, “focaccia picnic lunch” in Santa Margherita or San Fruttuoso beach, spring water and a bottle of good wine, coffee and ice cream, a ticket to visit San Fruttuoso Abbey.


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